Something new: TAD25

An invitation to contribute your ideas
Over the last 4 years the Mega Data Cluster WA team has focused on creating opportunities for its database of people to interact with other people of similar data science interests but from different industries. Most of this has been achieved through evening networking events with multiple speakers and enough time for discussion afterwards. In 2017 we launched Random Coffees and for the 60 people who have been matched randomly each month about 50% of the coffee opportunities have happened. Many people report it as time well spent.

Now we will do something a bit different. We would like you to help us in Thinking About Data in 2025 in WA (TAD25). To help focus your thinking we will approach it from various data science perspectives, and invite you to identify some initiatives that will help us get there. We will collect your thoughts on where we could be by 2025, and your ideas that could help us get there. We will then hold a Mega Data Cluster event where the summary will be presented and open for discussion.

We will repeat this over the year for a number of perspectives relevant to data science and its application.

So there’s our challenge: “What do we need to do now to bring about success for WA by 2025? And what might that success look like?

Round 1: Automation in WA by 2025
We are now launching Round 1 – Automation in WA by 2025 and invite you to complete a short Survey Monkey questionnaire to answer the following questions:

By 2025 WA will … [the big idea]
This will result in …., …., …. [the impact]
This matters because …., …., …. [the importance]
Flow though to industries ….. (extra opportunity)
Resources to achieve this will be …., …., …. [the details]

So give us your ideas now. If you have more than one idea, feel free to repeat the survey. We welcome you to encourage others to do likewise by sharing a link to this page, or the  survey link. The survey will be open until 31st March. NERA has kindly offered to host an event later this year where the results will be presented.

CLICK HERE to  complete the survey

If you prefer you can email us your answers to these questions (

What’s your idea for WA in the digital world by 2025?

The next areas of focus – can you help?
As you can see from the above, we’re starting now with a focus on Automation. A small coordinating team led by David Steele will gather responses to the survey, analyse the results, prepare a brief summary and organize a feedback session to anyone interested.

We now seek 3 more small volunteer teams for 2018! Each team would focus on a different aspect of data science, such as data & cyber security, spatial sensor technologies, imaging & visualisation, genetics, data science and analytics or even government data integration etc.

Within a focus area, a leader coordinates a small team who designs a brief questionnaire possibly using the template above. The Mega Data Cluster will distribute survey link to its members, and any associated industry groups may also consider distributing to their members. The team collects the responses, , analyses them and develops a summary. This can then be promoted by various means, one being presentation at a Mega Data Cluster event.

We’d be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in being part of, or leading, a particular focus team. We can also provide a few more details if you’d like to know more. Email us at or use the contact form on this page.

Get in early and we will assist you to launch the next focus area questionnaire!

Random Coffees rolling along

Each month, those subscribed to our Random Coffee group receive an email inviting them to meet with someone else in the group. The pairing is random, so it’s an opportunity to meet someone else with a shared interest in big data and data science. The invitations go out on the first of the month, and you have one month to catch up for a coffee or beverage of your choice.

The scheme has been operating for a couple of months, and there has been very positive feedback from those who have met.

If you’d like to be part of the Random Coffee group, you can register here.