Up and Running

A total of 58 people were hosted by Tony O’Donnell, the Dean of Science at UWA, on the 24th March 2014. The noise in the room during the two mingle sessions showed that there was plenty of cross-cluster discussion happening.

The challenge put to the audience by Patrick Seares, CEO of the Western Australian Marine Science Institution, requesting help in automated image recognition from 1000s of hours of underwater video resulted in four conversations with people from other clusters. The first experiment has been declared a success.

We’re now looking forward to our next event on 6th May during Big Data Week!

Next event

The next event will feature speed presentations from several speakers – a “rabble”.  Each speaker has no more than 10 minutes, to talk on topics relevant to their work, or just something they’re passionate about – as long as it is related somehow to mega data. Sales pitches and logos are strictly banned!

The event will be held on 6th May at the Pawsey Centre, Technology Park, Kensington.
If you’re not already on our mailing list, and would like to come, please send an email to megadata@iinet.net.au   or use our Contacts page.

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