14th September 2015

Does Size Matter: Big Data or Complex Data?

Professor Michael Small will present the topic “What is the significance of the ‘big’ in Big Data?”

While there are certainly applications where massive volumes of varied and verifiable data arriving with velocity will add value, Michael will question whether size really matters or whether what is more important is what you do with it. He will give examples from the fields of chaos and complexity where knowing your data and knowing what to do with it informs your understanding of the underlying system: improving control and efficiency or otherwise adding value. More details: Big Data or Complex Data – Public Lecture by Michael Small

Date: Monday, 14th September
Time: 6pm – 7pm
Location: Seminar Room 1,University Club, UWA
Cost: There is no cost to attend, but registration is essential
Parking: P3, Hackett entrance 1
RSVP: email ias@uwa.edu.au or 6488 1340 by 7 September
Limited seats remain !