Looking forward

We had an excellent presentation from Arthur Berrill at CCIWA’s “Getting Started in Big Data: think Small Data” breakfast on November 20th.

Arthur gave us much to think about: setting up Hadoop/SPARK on a few PCs is easier than you might think, and an simple way to get started. The new technologies are excellent at scaling, so you don’t have to start big. The cost reductions in applying big data architectures can be dramatic.

Arthur also suggested we “stop asking questions“! He urged us to let data analytics bring out data relationships without pre-filtering with our limited ideas and expectations. Sometimes unexpected things pop out, such as the fact that people with dogs buy more ketchup. Who would have thought of asking t hat question? However, careful selection of the data you feed in will help guide delivery of useful answers.

… and so to 2016

We’re now turning our thoughts to next year, and hoping for some different events that will “make a difference”.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, please let us know.

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