The Future of Data Science

EVENT-Big-Data-keyboard-642x360The next Mega Data Cluster event is being held in conjunction with the Institute of Advanced Studies as part of UWA’s Research Week. Data collection and computation are becoming cheap, plentiful and ubiquitous, and data science is emerging as a hot topic. A discussion panel of data scientists and the audience will explore its future. The session is 6pm Thursday 8th September, at the University Club, UWA.

The panel will bring together several leading data scientists from across UWA and WA industry to briefly outline their interests in data science, and to then discuss the future directions of data science as a discipline.

Is ‘data science’ a distinct discipline? How does this new technology change the way we do science? Is this a paradigm shift or just a new and vastly improved toolkit?

The evening will be chaired by Professor Michael Small, CSIRO-UWA Chair of Complex Engineering Systems, School of Mathematics and Statistics, UWA, with a panel of data science experts including:

  • Dr Edward Cripps, Senior Lecturer, UWA Centre for Applied Statistics
  • Associate Professor Rachel Cardell-Oliver, School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, UWA
  • Dr Laura M. Boykin, Senior Research Fellow, Computational Biology, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UWA and ARC CoE Plant Energy Biology
  • Eun-Jung Holden, Research Professor, Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET), UWA
  • Tom Ridsdill-Smith, VP Data Science, Woodside Energy

The session is presented by the UWA Institute of Advanced Studies, co-hosted with the Mega Data Cluster WA.

You can find the full range of UWA Research Week events on their web site


Date: Thursday, 8th September
Time: 5:45 for 6:00 start
Location: Auditorium, University Club, UWA, Nedlands
Cost: Free, but you need to register
Registration: Using  the web site for this event
Parking: Plenty of parking in nearby car parks
Please register by 4th September

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