UWA Research Week: The Future of Data Science

The session held at UWA as part of UWA’s Research week was a great success, with around 200 people attending. Our panel had diverse backgrounds and interests and gave us several quite different perspectives around the common theme of data science.

the-future-of-data-scienceThis was a slightly different format for a Mega Data Cluster event, one in which we were seeking more audience participation than the usual speakers out front. There was, of course, a possibility that there might be no discussion! Instead there was a spread of stimulating questions, which the panel managed to answer well.

Many thanks to our panelists, and to Professor Michael Small for keeping things flowing on the night and for organizing the event.

Special thanks to the UWA Faculty of Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics  for sponsoring the networking session afterwards.

Among the many great points made, a couple stood out:

  • Even if an organization does adopt a data science approach, how do you get decision-makers to accept the evidence?
  • How do I know which data science approach is best?
  • “Small data is big data done right” !

During the evening Dr Laura Boykin made us aware of the need to support communities in Africa through access to data, communications, and computing.  With greater knowledge of science and genomics, African scientist can help farmers tackle devastating pest and disease outbreaks.

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