The Future of Data Science

The next Mega Data Cluster event is being held in conjunction with the Institute of Advanced Studies as part of UWA's Research Week. Data collection and computation are becoming cheap, plentiful and ubiquitous, and data science is emerging as a hot topic. A discussion panel of data scientists and the audience will explore its future. The session is 6pm Thursday 8th September, at the University Club, UWA. The panel will bring together several … [Read more...]

14th September 2015

Does Size Matter: Big Data or Complex Data? Professor Michael Small will present the topic “What is the significance of the ‘big’ in Big Data?” While there are certainly applications where massive volumes of varied and verifiable data arriving with velocity will add value, Michael will question whether size really matters or whether what is more important is what you do with it. He will give examples from the fields of chaos and complexity … [Read more...]

Meeting 10th August: big data and Cyber Security

Our next Mega Data Cluster meeting is on Monday 10th August and will focus on security aspects of big data. Craig Valli, Director of the ECU Security Research Institute & ACSRI will present the role of big data in The Internet of Threats. We increasingly use and rely on electronic communications and data transfer and storage. Simultaneously there is proliferation of means to access electronic networks creating an attractive proposition … [Read more...]

Two Big Data initiatives in WA

Our third meeting for the year attracted 84 people from a wide variety of disciplines and interests. Two speakers presented development of innovation hubs around big data and the Internet of Everything based in Perth, and afterwards there was enthusiastic networking at The George Hotel. We are grateful to CISCO for sponsoring the networking session. Lauchlan Wallace told us about Woodside’s extensive commitment to a data science program. … [Read more...]

Moving Big Data to big value

The Institute of Advanced Studies held the first of its new series “Conversations on Big Data” on Monday 25th May. The Mega Data Cluster was a co-sponsor for the event, which booked out quickly and was attended by just over 60 people. Coert du Plessis, Advanced Analytics Practice Lead Partner at Deloitte, gave an excellent presentation Moving Big Data to Big Value: crossing the last mile. “Big data” is commonly sold as a valuable tool to … [Read more...]

Big Data Comes to Town

Our first meeting for 2015 was our best-attended event so far, possibly boosted by being part of Big Data Week. The theme was “Big Data Comes to Town”, and 86 people came along to hear three engaging presentations. KPMG provided an excellent venue and excellent hospitality, for which we are most grateful.   Data Quality Challenges to Big Data: a Practical Insight Steve Latham and Hugo van Hoogstraten, both of KPMG, highlighted that … [Read more...]

Visual feast at Curtin’s HIVE: Our third meeting

About 35 people attended a very interesting evening hosted by Curtin University at the Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch (HIVE). The formal part of the evening was introduced by HIVE’s director Dr Andrew Woods. He described the four visualisation tools which the audience was later able to circulate around and experience for themselves. Three short presentations were made illustrating how these facilities could be … [Read more...]